India Self Help Groups: Transforming Lives



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $7,500.00

About the project

Many people in India are totally disadvantaged - millions of them live in the slums of Bombay, Calcutta and other metropolitan areas, others in remote rural places. The reasons are multiple; the "cure" is similar. NCM India has developed highly effective ways to lift people out of their poverty and open up practical ways for people to stand on their own feet. The answer is communicated through self-help groups. In these groups 12-20 women meet weekly, learn and are mentored in how to save money, develop and run businesses, keep records and use proper business ethics.

NCM India knows, however, that no cure can be permanent without working at the root of the problem and encouraging a fundamental transformation of the heart. This is why compassion, practical services and the gospel go hand in hand. You can be a part of continuing this tremendous effort. Qualified leaders and co-workers are ready to use your investment for a life-changing experience of the poorest of the poor. One center serves roughly 150 families or 750 people.

Per center per year: $ 7,500
Per family per year: $ 50


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