Nepal Child Development Centers



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $9,375.00

About the project

Beautiful snow-covered mountains, romantic villages clinging to the hillsides, smiling faces gazing out of colourful garments – these pictures come to mind at the mention of "Nepal". But the reality looks quite different. The mountainous regions have poor infrastructure, villages are often rundown and full of hunger and destitution, smiles gaze through a veil of poverty. Many children are malnourished and disadvantaged, with little hope for a better life. Without education that addresses more than their purely academic needs, they have no chance to improve their situation.

In Nepal's Child Development Centers, children receive homework help and tuition after or before regular school classes. The tuition also includes physical exercise, awareness training about health, hygiene and other important topics, as well as cultural and spiritual activities. In this way, all areas of a child's development are addressed: physical, sociocultural, academic, emotional and spiritual. In most centers, children also receive a nutritious meal each day, as well as regular medical check-ups and health services. Parents attend awareness trainings and mothers are encouraged to form self-help groups (SHG), where they learn about economic development, savings and income generating (micro enterprise). They also receive seeds and training to plant their own home gardens, so they can prepare nutritious meals for their children. Thus not only the children, but their families and entire communities are transformed.

A child development center in Nepal ministers to an average of 75 children. To run one center costs $ 9,375 per year. For $125 per year you can help one child in Nepal look towards the future with hope!

Per center per year (total): $ 9,375
Education & Health Care: $ 4,500
SHG & Micro Enterprise: $ 2,875
Staff: $ 2,000

Per child per year: $ 125 (NCM gift card $100 + $25)


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