CIS Hunger Relief



REGION: Eurasia

About the project

FIELD: Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union)

COUNTRIES: Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Moldova


The global economic crisis has hit the CIS region especially hard, and prices continue to climb. Acute poverty has been rising, and jobs are becoming less and less available. Many people are becoming homeless, and even more families and individuals lack the means to purchase the basic food they need. The region’s harsh winters intensify the problems during those months.


We are working to provide food for those in need, especially those who are most vulnerable—children and the elderly. NCM partners with several local churches that are supporting families and individuals in need through soup kitchens and the distribution of food packages.


$25 will help provide warm meals at a local soup kitchen.

$50 will provide a person with part of his or her food needs for one month.

$150 will provide a food package for a family for one month.


Galina lives in Ulyanovsk, Russia. This is her story:

My granddaughter and I have been attending the church of the Nazarene for six years now. We like it here a lot. We like our pastor because she is very kind. When we have difficulties she prays for us and helps us, and the church helps us with food packages. This helps us a lot. There are three of us living together: my granddaughter, my daughter, and I. My daughter receives a small salary, and my granddaughter is still at school. I am retired. We stretch the food package we receive at the church for the whole month. Thank you very much for your help.

Shura, also shares, “I do not attend church yet, but I am surprised that there are people in our time who are willing to listen to my needs and help me whenever they can. I was given a Bible and now I read it. I had never read the Bible before. I especially like the book of Psalms. I also started praying before going to bed, and I think God hears my prayers. I was given warm clothes by the church. Thank you very much.”


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