India Nurses' Scholarships: A Dream of Compassion



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $36,000.00

About the project

Daya always longed to ease pain. So she entered the Reynolds Memorial Hospital School of Nursing as one of 20 first-year student nurses. Three years later, Daya proudly accepts her nursing diploma. For three more years she'll serve as a staff nurse at RMH – two years regularly and an additional year because she received a scholarship. How grateful she is for that scholarship which allowed her to pursue her dream!

Great changes are currently taking place at Reynolds Memorial Hospital. The School of Nursing has been upgraded to a Nurses Training College, giving nurses the option of enrolling for a Bachelor in Nursing, or upgrade their degree if they already hold a diploma. Instead of the previously 20 student nurses, now each year 40 new students enrol for the B.Sc. in Nursing (4-year degree), 20 students for a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (3.5-year degree) and 20 students for a Diploma in Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (1.5-year degree).

But not all student nurses can afford the fees and pursue their dream of serving others at RMH and eventually in their home villages or other hospitals. The scholarships allow economically disadvantaged girls and boys to receive nursing education and cover their living expenses at RMH. After graduation, all nurses pay back their scholarships into a revolving fund, so that others can benefit from the same blessing. In this way your gift towards the RMH Nurses' Scholarship Program will start showers of blessing!

One scholarship per month: $ 140
One scholarship per year: $ 1,680
Full B.Sc. degree (4 years): $ 6,720
Full GNM degree (3.5 years): $ 5,880
Full ANM degree (1.5 years): $ 2,520


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