AIDS Orphans and Caregivers Support



REGION: Africa

About the project

Because of the AIDS pandemic in Africa, more than 11 million children have been orphaned - and left in need of care, support, and a hope-filled future. Our OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) program supports children who are highly vulnerable to isolation and a devastating cycle of poverty. Through the program, loving families and individuals from local Nazarene congregations care for orphaned children, giving them a loving home, and the church helps provide education for vulnerable children and youth. Care-giving families receive livestock, which provides offspring, milk or eggs, and meat. The first offspring is given to a neighbor in need to multiply the blessing, and the rest of the offspring generates income for the caregiver and orphaned child. Farming supplies, including seeds and tools, are provided to plant vegetable gardens, yielding food and nutrition in the form of maize (corn), groundnuts, sweet potatoes, and vegetables. The produce not only provides nutrition, but surplus crops generate additional income for the caregiver and children. Our churches also help with basic training and education for children and youth who would otherwise have no chance to learn basic life skills due to their economic situation. As we support the efforts of these local churches, the result is twofold: 1) Local congregations walk alongside orphaned children on a path to dignity, opportunity, and self-sufficiency; 2) Churches and caregivers gain tools and encouragement to continue this vital ministry. These are average costs associated with items needed for this project: Cows - $574 Goats - $18 Piglets - $12 Hens - $13 Broilers - $2.20 Spray pumps - $117 Wheelbarrows - $29 Animal medications - $47 Please note: The figures represent costs incurred when purchasing these items in local communities. We are not able to facilitate donor requests to purchase specific types of animals. Donations received will be sent to the AIDS Orphans and Caregivers Support Project, and project leadership will use the funds to meet the objectives of the project, including determining which animals are most needed at any given time.


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