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REGION: Africa

About the project

There are still frightening myths and beliefs in the minds of people with regards to HIV and AIDS. Sleeping with a virgin to cure one from the disease is just one of them. The most effective tool in the fight against AIDS is training: training of young people, men and women, pastors, and community leaders; training of Christian values and responsible behavior; training to remove stigma; and training for those who care for the infected and affected. In the next year, NCM plans to launch further workshops and empower key congregations and local leaders to train others to have a tangible impact in the fight against and the prevention of this crippling, family destroying, and often deadly pandemic.

Supporting our efforts through training is a campaign of creating public awareness through posters, banners, and flyers, promoting values like abstinence before, and faithfulness after marriage, as well as eradicating myths and false beliefs about AIDS, answering questions and eliminating fears, while conveying a message that could possibly save lives! These materials are a great and effective tool for local churches in their respective communities, promoting a change of lifestyle. Our goal is to produce AIDS prevention and information materials in at least five languages to be distributed among children and youth in various African countries.

A successful workshop in a key congregation will require an amount of $5,000 USD to bring key leaders together, and prepare the necessary materials and handbooks. As we aim to launch five workshops in the coming year, a total amount of $25,000 USD would be required.

Promotional materials in each of the five key African languages would require $2,500 USD for each language, totaling $12,500 USD.


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