India Reynolds Memorial Hospital Expansion



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $151,500.00

About the project

Reynolds Memorial Hospital was founded in 1936 as a "Mission Hospital" and became a general hospital in 1952. Since its beginnings, RMH has been dedicated to serve the poor and underprivileged in rural mid/East-Maharashtra. In 1987, it launched a wide-ranging community-based health care project, ministering to thousands of people in hundreds of villages around Washim. RMH is a powerful witness to the transforming love of Christ and shines as a light into the darkness of rural India.

Major changes have taken place in the hospital recently. The "Nazarene Nurses Training College" (NNTC), established in 1958, has been upgraded and is now offering a B.Sc. in Nursing (4-year degree), a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (3.5-year degree) and a Diploma in Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (1.5-year degree). The hospital was substantially renovated and has added a good number of additional buildings and services. Some of these still need additional support to be fully effective or upgrade services to a more competitive level.

New facilities for the NNTC include a prayer hall, library and auditorium. These buildings still need roof coverings for a total of $22,000 (prayer hall $4,000, library $6,500, auditorium $11,500). In the outpatients department, a number of doctors' consultation rooms are urgently needed. Currently planned are six consultation rooms in a central position with sitting areas in hallways and direct access to the OPD, for a total of $55,000. In Medical Pathology, one of RMH's main departments, an automated bioanalyser machine ($27,500) will help doctors find proper diagnosis and improve treatment for patients. RMH's community-based health care services require the purchase of an ambulance ($22,500) and a small bus ($18,000) which will transport poor patients from the outlying villages to RMH free of charge on a regular basis. Finally, RMH is in urgent need of toilet facilities for patients' relatives and visitors. RMH serves approximately 12,000 patients every year; these are frequently accompanied by a number of relatives or friends. RMH currently has no toilet facilities for these people.

Your gift towards the RMH Upgrading and Expansion Program will help meet the medical and spiritual needs of thousands of poor people in rural India, and continue to improve services that have transformed thousands of lives since 1936.

Ambulance: $ 22,500
Bus (for village health services): $ 18,000
Doctors consultation rooms: $ 55,000
Roof coverings (prayer hall, library, auditorium): $ 22,000
Automated bioanalyser machine: $ 27,500
Toilet facilities (for visitors): $ 6,500


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