West Africa Water Projects



REGION: Africa

THE NEED: $3,000.00

About the project

The West Africa Water Project is to promote the development of clean water systems that will enhance the lives of local people groups living in arid areas of West Africa. The goal is to not only dig wells for fresh water, but to also incorporate training and education to help local villages to improve the health conditions of local inhabitants by using good sanitary practices and helping to reduce sickness caused by water born contaminants. Water projects also improve local farming crops by incorporating simple water distribution systems that give the local farmers the ability to grow crops throughout the year. Water is life, and through the compassionate outreach of the Church of the Nazarene we can bring life to communities, opening the door to introduce them to the giver of the living water and eternal life, Jesus Christ.

Your contribution to drill a well in West Africa for $3,000 can help a village and a local leader have a good water source for their community. Each project is unique so that in some countries we may have to pay a drilling company to drill a well. In those cases the costs will rise up to $5,000 USD. We hope you and your church community will take on a challenge to bless a community in West Africa with good drinking water. For more information please contact the AWF Partnership Coordinator, Jeremy Height at jheight@africanazarene.org or the Field Strategy Coordinator for the Africa West Field, Rev. Moise Toumoudagou at AWFSC@africanazarene.org.


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