Education for Syrian Students



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $175,000.00

About the project

For children from Syria, life has been filled with crisis and trauma due to experiencing or witnessing violence, death and destruction.Three Nazarene schools and an after-school program in the Middle East are helping over 150 displaced children gain stability and a quality education from caring teachers in a safe environment at a time when they need it most.

Children who are living as refugees after their families fled violence are now safer but are most often living in poverty without the opportunity to attend school. Through scholarships to Nazarene schools, students living as refugees receive comprehensive, grade-appropriate education that is accredited by the respective government's Ministry of Education. In the Nazarene schools, displaced students are integrated into the normal school program alongside non-displaced students. In addition to the academics and field trips during the year, all students participate in school chapels and Christmas and Easter programs. At various times, they also have the opportunity to participate in Bible lessons. On-staff counselors work with students and the families who are experiencing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Without exception, parents have expressed their satisfaction with their children's academic progress as well as their character development. Many of the students have become a source of encouragement to their parents and other family members as they cope with their difficult circumstances.

Through scholarships to Nazarene schools, the church is giving children hope for the future. Our prayer is that we can provide support and stability to even more children who've been displaced by violence.

Your gift will help a child hold on to hope.

The average cost of a scholarship for one student is $1,000 USD, although the cost at each school varies depending on the school's location. The cost covers tuition, books, and uniform.


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