South America Disaster Response



REGION: South America

THE NEED: $100,000.00

About the project

URGENT NEED: PERU FLOODING (March 2017) Destructive flooding and mudslides are affecting Nazarenes in Peru. Five districts have been affected so far, all of which are in the areas that have experienced the heaviest rains. Approximately 100 churches are located in the areas most devastated, and more than 1,000 Nazarene members have been directly affected. Water, food, and shelter are needed immediately for those who have been displaced. Many areas are without drinking water altogether. The lack of safe water will continue to be a crisis for weeks to come. Unusually heavy rains have been affecting Peru since the beginning of 2017. More than 10 times the normal amount of rainfall has caused severe flooding and mudslides. More than 70 people have died. Thousands more were forced to evacuate, some barely escaping rushing floodwaters. Throughout the affected areas, officials report that tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed or severely damaged, leaving many families homeless. HOW YOU CAN HELP Pray Please pray the rains will stop and the water level will decrease. Pray for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. Pray for the people affected, especially children, senior adults, and others who are vulnerable. Pray for affected churches and for those working to assist their neighbors in Jesus’ name. Give Churches and individuals around the world can support disaster response efforts by giving to the South America Disaster Response fund. Donations will be used to meet urgent needs as well as long-term recovery and rebuilding.

 South America is home to millions of people who live in a variety of settings, from the Andes Mountains to low-lying valleys and river basins. Diverse communities are exposed to natural disasters including flooding, droughts, landslides, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. Impoverished communities living in river basins, flood plains, and remote areas are particularly at risk to natural disasters. When a disaster hits, families and individuals in affected areas need immediate assistance, including shelter, food, clean water, and household items. During disasters, NCM partners with local churches as they walk alongside families and communities to meet needs on the road to recovery. Each emergency relief effort is organized locally with the support of the global church through prayer, giving, and technical support. The local church often partners with other organizations and local government agencies in order to best meet needs as well. Your gift to the South America Disaster Response Fund will enable local churches to strategically organize immediate relief and long-term rebuilding projects for communities affected by disasters.


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