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REGION: Africa

About the project

One of the major burdens Africa has to carry is the sufficient supply of food. The economic crisis, horrendous increase of prices for staple food supplies, a decreasing or complete depletion of income due to AIDS sweeping away the breadwinners of families, and ever reoccurring droughts in some parts of this continent, will rob thousands of families this coming year in the countries of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and East Africa of one of their most basic needs: the need for food.

Most of us who read this have probably never been in a situation where we only have two or three meals a week, having to eat grass and often poisonous roots and leaves, taking children out of school and sending daughters to prostitute themselves in order to acquire some food. And yet, far too often, the stomachs are still empty when the children of Nazarene families go to bed, sending a prayer for help towards heaven.

May we encourage you to take Jesus to Dinner? If you take Jesus to Dinner, that means you would fast one meal per week as a family, or abstain from going to a restaurant with your family and take what you would have spent on that meal, and give it towards food relief in Africa. And the miracle of multiplication will start to happen… Just like the miracle of the two fish and five loaves of bread. One family of seven can go to bed without an empty stomach, and this for an entire month! See, one big bag of maize (corn), a good portion of beans, and cooking oil will feed a whole family for an entire month at an average cost of only $60.00 USD.


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