HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care in Red Light Area (Pusad, India)



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $15,000.00

About the project

About a kilometer down the road from the Nazarene church in Pusad, India, you will find a red light area where women are exploited day in and day out. The HIV/AIDS rate there is high, yet most victims aren’t being treated for their disease and many are dying as a result. A combination of stigma, discrimination, poverty, and lack of education keeps the women there from accessing health care. In addition, the church is reaching out to others in the impoverished areas of their community who are living with HIV or AIDS . 

While others are turning a blind eye, the Church of the Nazarene in Pusad is working to care for those affected by HIV/AIDS in impoverished areas of their community. 

The church is working to care for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS in these ways: 

1) Prevention: Volunteers are going to homes to visit and offer HIV/AIDS prevention education, hygiene education, counseling, and referrals. The church is also hosting public awareness campaigns.

2) Care: The church is providing medical check-ups, counseling, referrals, and transportation to hospitals. 

3) Rehabilitation: They are working with families to ensure that children are in school, and they are working with women in the red light area to find new opportunities for employment.

Throughout each step, the church is sharing God's love and hope. You can help. 

By supporting the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Rehabilitation project, you, too, will be sharing God's love and walking alongside individuals in need of hope.


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