Greenhouse Project in Kosova



REGION: Eurasia

About the project

Kosova has a history of agriculture, and today more than 50 percent of the land is used for farming. But as one of the poorest countries in Europe, with 45 percent of people living in poverty, the cost of food often exceeds what families living in poverty can afford. While many families have small gardens, most could expand their food production. Agriculture provides a safety net for those who are poor and depend on small-scale farming to survive. In response, Nazarene churches in Suhareka and Prishtina are helping families build greenhouses as a way to create food security and provide income through the sale of produce. The greenhouse project provides building materials to families who are in need and have the ability to do the work of sustaining a greenhouse operation. Each family who receives the supplies for a building then commits to helping build a greenhouse for another family. They also return 15 percent of their profits to purchase the materials for future greenhouses and give 25 percent of their produce to other families in need. This project addresses many aspects of poverty. It addresses material poverty by providing food and economic development opportunities for people who often lack resources for day-to-day survival. It also addresses spiritual poverty. Many in Kosova feel purpose-less and hopeless due to lack of employment opportunities. This project gives individuals a way to provide for their families with dignity. The project also addresses spiritual needs by connecting community members to the church through relationships. Your support will help grow food as well as create economic empowerment for families in Kosova. By partnering with families in Kosova to build greenhouses, you are cultivating hope.


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