CIS Ministry to Displaced Persons in Ukraine



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $7,000.00

About the project

When 1.4 million people were displaced by violence in eastern Ukraine, 450 people found themselves living at an abandoned medical retreat center just outside Odessa, Ukraine. Many of the children and adults living there have various physical and mental disabilities. With little to no job opportunities for displaced persons, the burden to provide for food and other necessities grows heavier and heavier. Without resources, families and individuals are stuck in poor living conditions without the ability to meet basic needs, let alone therapy and other accommodations for disabilities. In response, Nazarene churches in Ukraine have been meeting needs and ministering to the families there.

Volunteers from Nazarene churches in Ukraine have been facilitating a Kid’s Club to meet children’s need to simply feel like children again — through games, art, and Bible stories. Churches are also installing kitchens so families can cook, providing social services, and partnering with Christian medical ministries that can support the specialized needs of many of the camp’s residents. The church in Odessa is also hosting a worship service at the camp each Sunday.

The local churches in Ukraine can’t care for the displaced families and minister to individuals with disabilities alone.

Will you help provide the resources needed for this ministry?

Your support will provide for food and basic necessities, minister to children who have been forced to leave their homes because of violence, and help church volunteers meet the spiritual needs of families and individuals as well.


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