Malaria Prevention in Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone



REGION: Africa

THE NEED: $17,900.00

About the project

Malaria is a silent killer, and in Sierra Leone, it’s one of the top causes of death. In Kroo Bay — the largest slum in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital — the stream running through the community has filled up with garbage and become a giant sewage pit. Not only does the stagnant water carry waterborne disease, but it has also become a breeding ground for deadly mosquitoes carrying malaria. The Church of the Nazarene in Sierra Leone is partnering with the community to prevent malaria infections.

At $10 (USD) each, insecticide-treated bed nets are the most cost-effective way to prevent the transmission of malaria through mosquito bites. The nets go first to the most vulnerable: children under 5 and pregnant women. In Sierra Leone, 18 percent of children die before their fifth birthday — the highest rate of under-5 deaths in the world. Pregnancy reduces a mother’s immunity making her more susceptible to malaria, which increases the risks of miscarriage, still birth, and low birth weight. By preventing malaria, bed nets are saving lives.

The church is also providing tools for Community Health Committees to clean up the stagnant water and reduce the number of mosquitoes. This partnership won’t just clean up waterways, help prevent the spread of malaria, and maintain public health, though. It will also work to restore dignity.

Kroo Bay is a young community — 41 percent of residents are under the age of 24. Almost half of the population will be the future of the community. The church is partnering with the community to help ensure the future is one of hope.

You can help provide that hope. Your support will equip the community of Kroo Bay to prevent the sting of malaria and create a better future.


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