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Flooding resulting from torrential monsoon rains has devastated large areas of Myanmar, Pakistan, and India. Entire communities are under water, destroying the homes and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of families. Hundreds of people have died, and more than 1 million people have been displaced (as of August 5, 2015). Conditions are expected to worsen as the flooding continues. As with other disasters, children, pregnant women, and senior adults are most vulnerable.

 Local Nazarene churches are working to assess and meet the immediate needs of neighbors who have been affected by the floods.

 Rural communities that depend on agriculture for survival are especially devastated as hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland have been inundated by flood waters. Entire villages have been buried under landslides, and casualty numbers continue to rise.

In a village in Myanmar where many Nazarenes live, more than 100 homes were swept away and at least 750 acres of rice were completely destroyed. A local Nazarene pastor and congregation members rescued a widow who attends the church after her home was swept away. As rains subside, local leaders will work to establish contact with isolated areas.

 A church leader in Myanmar sent a report stating, “Schools are closed, prisons are evacuated, hospitals are flooded. … Many of the bridges have been destroyed. Thousands from the flooding areas are homeless and have moved … for shelter. Some villages were completely submerged and destroyed in the flood. Many lives have been lost. According to the latest weather forecasts, the heavy rains are expected to continue.”

The leader continued, “Please pray for our local, field, and regional leadership as they look at the needs and assess how the church can best respond to this monumental crisis.” (Photo credit: Huffington Post)


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