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REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $10,000.00

About the project

FIELD: Commonwealth of Independent States (the former Soviet Union)

COUNTRIES: Ukraine and Russia


Eastern Europe and Central Asia are home to the world’s most rapidly growing HIV and AIDS epidemic. Since 2001, the rate of the disease has almost doubled so that an estimated 1.4 million adults (ages 15 to 49) are living with HIV and AIDS. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of those live in Russia; together with Ukraine, the two countries account for 90 percent of newly reported HIV cases in the region. These countries also have the region's highest prevalence relative to the population, about 1 percent. According to the United Nations and World Health Organization, however, the actual number of infections is most likely considerably higher than official statistics suggest. Other countries in the region, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, also face a significant increase in HIV and AIDS rates.

The rise of HIV in the region is seen most prominently among injecting drug users, sex workers and their partners, prisoners, and children (ages 10-18) living on the street. So far, little has been done in the region to provide education and programs to help prevent new infections.


NCM supports congregations and rehabilitation centers that are developing HIV and AIDS prevention programs based on biblical principles such as sexual purity, abstinence, and marital fidelity. We also support drug use prevention and rehabilitation centers designed to help people escape addiction. We also minister to people living with HIV and AIDS through support groups and by helping meet their basic needs. In addition, we offer support through church and community education programs designed to fight discrimination and stigma attached to the disease.

Through these efforts, our first goal is to show the love and compassion of Christ. We are also helping connect young people with church youth ministries. Through the rehabilitation centers, many former addicts have come to faith in Christ, and several of them are even pastors now.


Currently, US $10,000 is needed to fund AIDS prevention and education programs, AIDS support groups, medical support, and basic needs for people living with AIDS every year.

• For $25 you can provide necessary medications for a person living with AIDS.

• For $25 you can offer infection-fighting nutrition by providing a grocery bag for a person living with AIDS.

• For $50 you can provide resources for an AIDS support group for a month.

• For $50 you can provide youth-focused AIDS prevention materials for one school.

• For $100 you can provide a special celebration for a group of children living with AIDS and children whose parents are living with AIDS.

• For $150 you can provide education materials for a hospital or AIDS treatment center.

To download a printable flyer to promote this need in your local church: click here.


My name is Andriy, and I am 34 years old. Several years ago I learned that I am HIV-positive. It is emotionally difficult to live knowing that you have such disease. It is extremely hard. Once I knew I had a fatal disease, life began to lose its meaning. There was hardly any understanding, acceptance, or support. I became depressed, and I was thinking about death and suicide.

But then I met people at the AIDS treatment center who were also HIV-positive, and I was amazed by their optimism and cheerful attitude.

I got involved with an AIDS support group to get to know them more and to be able to have fellowship with people who understand me. It turned out that they were Christians. A little later I started visiting their church, the Church of the Nazarene. I received Christ as my personal Savior. Recently I was baptized. Many things have changed in my life, including my worldview, my understanding of life, and my thinking. There is no more fear and depression in my heart; it was replaced with peace, love, and happiness. I also got myself a job. Now I serve people and bring the gospel to people with AIDS and others.

Praise be to God. I am thankful to the church.


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