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It’s hard to over-emphasize the importance of adolescence in a person’s life. During that time young people are building foundations for the future and becoming who they will be as adults. But there are children and youth across the USA and Canada who simply don’t have the influences and advantages to grow and learn in safe, healthy environments. When kids don’t have adequate education, positive role models, or basic needs met, they are at a significantly higher risk for demonstrating negative behaviors that harm themselves or others. Instead of forming the foundation for a bright future, they see only a faded hope. That’s why Nazarene churches and compassionate ministry centers are stepping up to nurture young people. Through this work, they are helping young people improve their circumstances and grow into the people God created them to be.

Through compassionate ministry centers across North America, we are investing in the lives of youth through ministries like these:

• Mentoring Programs: Adults investing in the lives of youth in one-on-one relationships, modeling and teaching positive, healthy living.

• Tutoring Programs, GED Programs, and Career Training: Helping students create academic success and open doors to opportunities today and in the future.

• After-School Programs: Allowing youth to enrich their lives and reach their potential through programs that address everything from fitness to nutrition to skills-building to the arts.

• Family/Parenting Services: Creating healing and wholeness in communities by promoting healthy parent-teen relationships.

• Pregnancy/Maternity Services and Adoption Services: Ministry to teenage moms and their babies, creating the healthiest foundations possible for new lives and new families.

• Services to Families of the Incarcerated: Facing the reality of family situations through counseling and meeting practical needs, but believing that negative family patterns can be broken.

• Leadership and Character Development: Bringing out the best in youth by encouraging and teaching them to bring out the best in others.

• Spiritual Development: Discipleship through Bible studies, gospel choirs, worship, service opportunities, and more.

Your donation will help compassionate ministry centers in cities across North America invest in the lives of young people in ways that will make a difference today and in the future. For example:

• For $25 you can help to offset the monthly cost of an after-school program for one youth.
• For $50 you can help to offset the cost of a young person’s involvement in a one-on-one mentoring program.
• For $100 you can provide a month of reading and math tutoring sessions, including curriculum.

For more ways you can get involved, visit www.nazarenecompassion.org.

At the Kansas City Urban Youth Center, youth involved in an intentional mentoring program have gone on to attend college, earn leadership awards from their schools, and start Bible study groups in their schools. They have learned to overcome the obstacles, stereotypes, and segregation that so many young African-Americans in their urban area face. KCUYC currently serves more than 200 youth in three sites across Kansas City.

Little Lights Urban Ministries empowers underserved youth and families in Washington, D.C., with the love of Christ. They seek to develop the God-given potential of youth intellectually, socially, and spiritually through academics, life skills, the arts, and discipleship. Their work has been recognized and awarded by other organizations throughout the D.C. area, and the ministry is supported through the work of more than 400 volunteers each year.


Donate by Check:

In the US:
Make checks payable to General Treasurer
and send them to:

Global Treasury Services
Church of the Nazarene
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Kansas City, MO 64184-3116

In Canada: Make checks payable Church of the Nazarene Canada and send them to:

Church of the Nazarene Canada
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