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Homelessness is a complicated issue in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the USA and Canada. Endless scenarios of men and women, veterans, domestic violence victims, runaway youth, and families with children find themselves without the means for a safe place to live and caught in an ongoing cycle of need. Children are said to make up nearly half of the homeless population over the course of a year (from NAEH). While there isn’t an easy answer to the problem of homelessness, our call to reach out and respond as Christians is clear.

Nazarene churches and compassionate ministry centers throughout North America are ministering to individuals and families who find themselves without a home. Your donation supports churches and compassionate ministry centers that are intervening by providing both immediate relief and long-term recovery through programs such as these:
Urban and Rural Transitional Housing: Compassionate ministry centers help people get back on their feet so they can stand on their own.

• Domestic Violence Shelters: Women who want to escape the storm of abuse can find a safe place for themselves and their children at many compassionate ministry centers throughout North America.

• Men’s Shelters: Men from all walks of life can come to a compassionate ministry shelter to find a warm meal, a place to lay their heads, job services, and accountability to begin to make some positive changes.

• Women and Children’s Shelters: Women and children from all walks of life can come to a compassionate ministry shelter designed to meet their needs for a safe place to sleep, educational support for their children, and other services to help them achieve stability and a new start.

• Post-Prison Reentry Services: People looking for a fresh beginning can come for counseling, job-readiness training, and other ministries as they make this transition.

• Immigration/Refugee Services: Compassionate ministry centers are following God’s words to show love to “strangers” and then invite them in? (Deuteronomy 19:19, Matthew 25:35).

• Support Groups: Participants gather together to focus on encouraging and supporting one another as they work to set and achieve their goals.

Your donation will help compassionate ministry centers in cities across North America reach out to those without a place to call home.

• For $25 you can provide bedding for someone who needs a safe place to sleep.
• For $50 you can help to offset the cost of one person’s involvement in a mentoring program.
• For $100 you can provide meals for someone for a month.

For more ways to get involved, visit www.usacanadaregion.org/ministries/compassionate-ministries.

At 21, Ruth McGee found herself homeless and pregnant in Washington, D.C. After five months in a large homeless shelter in the city, she was referred to Community of Hope, a Nazarene compassionate ministry center. Ruth shares, “After entering Community of Hope, we went over our case plan. I applied for jobs and entered a job program. Community of Hope helped with getting a daycare voucher so that I could work. I started working as a waitress. In May I applied to go to college and for financial aid. I got a second job in June. I have been working both jobs and going to school."


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