Balkan Development Fund



REGION: Eurasia

THE NEED: $9,000.00

About the project

A number of countries in the Balkans are still reeling from the aftermath of ethnic war. They have also been hit especially hard by the recent economic crisis, with unemployment rates up to almost 50%, and most people are struggling to just get by – especially those who were injured or widowed in the wars or who lost their homes.

NCM wants to make long-term investments in the lives of these people who have been so significantly affected by the war. Local churches have been ministering to families on a regular basis, mostly through providing food, but the resources of local church members are very limited; many are themselves unemployed.

Our goal is to tangibly share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ with each person we encounter as we respond to their needs. Responding to the victims of war includes engaging in projects ranging from partnering with local governments and organizations to rebuild homes destroyed in the war to providing food and other material aid to those who live on government disability aid of $75 per month (Kosovo). Through our assistance, we strive to empower these families to move from dependence to independence and become self-sustainable.

For $25, $50, or $100 you can help to cover part of the cost of completing a home for a family that was a victim of ethnic war. For approximately $70, you could provide the basic food necessities for a family for a month. For $5,600 you can cover most of the costs associated with completing a home for a family in need. Local people will participate in the project themselves, depending on size.


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