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UPDATE: Clark finished his ride across America for Nepal. Here're his reflection: “Making this journey by bicycle made it possible for me to realize a few goals and aspirations that I have had for a long time. I realized my boyhood dream of riding a bicycle the entire width of America. … But most satisfying of all has been knowing that my ride across America was drawing attention to the great need in Nepal caused by the earthquake. As a result, many of my friends, neighbors, relatives, people I go to church with, people I have worked with, and people I met along the journey have responded by making a financial donation to relieve the suffering of people in Nepal.

“I never grew tired of meeting new people during my journey who would see the license plate on the back of my trailer, and ask questions like, Are you really from Washington State? How far are you biking? How long have you been on the road? But most of all I would light up when many of them would ask, ‘Are you doing it for a cause?’ And I would smile and say, ‘Yes, I am doing it to bring attention to the earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.’

“My bike journey may have ended, but my conversations and talks with individuals and groups about all the wonderful things I experienced will continue. My heart will still be blessed, and my face will still light up when they ask, ‘Did you do it for a cause?’”

Read more here: http://blog.ncm.org/biking-across-america-for-nepal-part-6/


On May 29, 2015, I started a bike ride across America to support Nepal Earthquake Relief efforts. I began near Rockaway Beach, Oregon, and ended near Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Here's more of the story: Since I purchased my first 10-speed bicycle at age 19 back in 1971, and heard about people riding across America on their bicycles, I have had a dream of doing it myself some day. Throughout my life, cycling has been one of my passions and a favorite way of getting exercise. I commuted to work for many years in good and bad weather by bike, and I have done the annual STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride three times. I love heading off for day-rides out in the country to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Pacific Northwest, and to sense God's presence with me as I pedal past the mountains, forests, fields, lakes, and streams that He created.

I retired from my wonderful job at US Digital Corporation back in June of 2012. Then in the fall of 2014, while home thinking and praying, I suddenly realized that my dream of biking across America could finally be realized. I now had the time and financial resources to make it happen. I proposed the idea to my wife, and she was immediately supportive.

I began thinking about what route I would follow across the country, and I remembered that another dream of mine has been to visit the states in the northeastern area of the United States, including Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. I read about a bike route that a popular cycling tour group follows each year that goes from the Oregon Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast, ending near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I began intensely researching that route and making modifications to it so I could pass by the homes of relatives and friends along the way. I went to Google Maps for Bikes and began printing out the routes for each day and determining exactly where I would stay each night. I set a goal of covering an average of 75 miles each day, making sure to figure in some rest days as well. Counting rest days, it should take about 54 days to complete the journey.

So everything seemed to be falling into place for me to bike across America. I had a sense from God that it was time to do it, and I had a green light from my wife. I next asked the Lord to give me some Scripture that I could claim as my own for the trip, and that would be an encouragement when the going gets tough. One night, as my wife was reading out loud from a daily devotional book titled "After You Say I Do," the words that she read from Psalm 139:1-8 (The Living Bible), and Proverbs 5:21 (New American Standard Bible), seemed to jump off the page at me. I knew immediately that the Lord had just given me the Scriptures I had asked for.

Excited now that I had Scriptures to trust in and to bolster my faith, I asked the Lord for one more thing. I wanted to have a cause bigger than myself and just my own personal dreams for making the journey across America by bike. I asked the Lord to show me what this cause should be. I began expectantly waiting and watching for God to bring an answer. It came to me just a week or two later. I felt impressed that biking across America to raise money for the Nepal earthquake relief efforts would be the cause for making the journey. I contacted Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and shared my vision with them. They were excited about my plans, and offered a web page where anyone interested can keep up with my progress and also donate to the Nepal earthquake disaster response.

Thank you, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries for your support! Thank you everyone for visiting my blog page and for taking the time to read about my journey. I look forward to starting out from the Oregon Coast near Rockaway Beach, Oregon, on May 29, 2015, and hope that you will follow my journey at this blog site until I reach the Atlantic Coast near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, around July 26. My hope and prayer is that many who learn of my journey will feel moved to make a donation to help those suffering in Nepal from the effects of the earthquake.

- Clark Ludahl


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